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Tile Tables


I first made tiles for the kitchen of my new house -- yellow tiles to remember the yellow kitchens of my childhood. Fifteen years later, creative expression through tile design continues to fascinate and challenge me.

I have developed a line of tile tables in many shapes and sizes. The tiles can be based on my standard patterns, or developed as a custom piece.

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purple cabbage table
alta vista table
square dragon table


Custom Tile



My custom tile work is based on designs first developed in my pottery. Individual tiles can be used as a custom accent to be set with commercial tile. My tile installations are created through close collaboration with clients. Often these are set into a special outdoor nicho.

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hearth tile
dragon wall



Tile Signs



Tile Workshops


Four times a year, once a season, I offer One Day Intensive Tile-Making classes in my studio to share what I have learned. Usually the classes fall in January, April, July, October. Limit eight per class. $95 to make tiles from a 16"x20" slab. Class times are 9am - 5pm, held in my studio in the Mimbres.

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Examples of Student Work




  Schedule for Tile Making Class

Please note: these times are approximate (the day is really quite loose) and
are mainly to give you a clear explanation of what will be involved in the
making and decorating of your tiles.
9:00am- arrive at Kate's studio at Mimbres Hot Springs, get a quick tour of
the studio and choose your work station. A 16"x20" slab of clay and clay
tools will be a each work station
9:30- Kate demonstrates cutting tiles and discusses plans the participants
have brought, or assists them in forming a plan. Participants cut their
slabs into tiles.
10:00-Kate talks about her palate of colors, presents the color combination
chart and demonstrates applying the colored slip to the tiles. Participants
decide on field color for tiles and paint the colored slip onto their slabs.
10:30- snack served while we wait for the field color to dry a bit
11:00- Kate demonstrates methods of painting and trailing the colored
slips. Participants practice brush strokes and slip trailing on scrap clay.
We discuss methods of generating patterns and imagery, look at books and
actual work, further developing ideas for decorating the tiles.
12:30- lunch break and/or working independently
2:30- participants finalize their plans and decorate the tiles
3:00- finish decorating and correct mistakes on a new slab, if necessary
4:00-Kate demonstrates a home-made slab roller and presents other
information needed for participants to make tiles at home
4:30- Kate demonstrates setting tiles with mastic and thin-set, and
grouting. We all clean up
5:00- I make arrangements to deliver your finished tiles and we say
I will be giving you more handouts at the time of the workshop

Additional Information before the workshop:

It would be a good ides to have a basic sense of my color palate. Please
visit L & I Arts on Bullard & Yankie or Four Red Bats Gallery in the Murray
Hotel on Broadway where you can see examples of my work. You can also
arrange a visit to my studio first if you so desire.

What to Bring
-a smock or grungy clothes
-a basic plan
for example, a 16x20 slab can be cut into 20 4" tiles, making a border
80"x4", or it can be used to make a tile mural that is 16X20, etc.
-a favorite brush, if you have one. It may not work with the colored slips,
but it will be fun to find out
-a lunch
-color swatches, if you are concerned to have the tiles fit into an existing
color scheme
-paper & pencil for taking notes
-the rest of your payment=$95-50 deposit=$45 (if you decide to make more
tiles than can be cut from a 16x20"slab, there will be an additional charge)

I will provide
-clay tools
-colored slips
-care in curing, drying and firing your tiles
-delivery to you when your tile are fired
-advice on mounting your tiles
-handouts covering information presented
-lots of attention to your particular plan and the problems it presents
-books and other materials for getting ideas



making tile

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